Original Works



Full-length, 5W

When an asteroid long ago predicted to cause a global mass-extinction suddenly appears in the sky, seventeen year-old Gabbi Raleigh is forced to confront the harsh truth of her own mortality. The realization is shared by Gabbi’s estranged aunt Margot, who returns unexpectedly after nine years without contact, determined to be reconciled with her dying younger sister before the end of days. The Raleighs are thrust into the moral dilemma of placing forgiveness before dignity, and wildly attempt to make sense of both global and familial chaos. Meanwhile, a therapist haunted by her troubled past receives a visit from a personal hero in a turn of events that just may set both their souls at rest. All have to wonder:
Is fulfillment attainable? And if so, can one find it in just forty-eight hours?

Development: Acadiana Repertory Theatre, Nora's Playhouse, Boston University School of Theatre (pictured, featuring Elena Toppo, Kayce Kvacek, Ellie Ricker, Taylor Brahms and Elizabeth Valenti. Photos by Lily Hargis)

Awards: Semifinalist for the O'Neill National Playwrights Conference 2018, Finalist for The Lark Playwrights’ Week 2018


Judith Meriwether’s (KRVS 88.7 FM) interview with Acadiana Repertory Theatre Artistic Director Steven Landry and I on the creation, development, and production of Final Flight (produced with ART in June 2019):


The Way Things Work

Ten-minute, 2M, 1F (can alternatively be 1M, 2F)

A young woman experiences a windfall of bad luck on her wedding day that forces her to question everything. Enlisting help from a nervous young man working the wedding, she plans her escape into freedom, and the great unknown.

Developent: Boston University School of Theatre (pictured, featuring Keaton Brower and Rachel Lager), Boston Theatre Marathon XIX

The Trip Through Livingston

Ten-minute, 3W

Three self-identified “woke” liberal millennials are forced to confront their fears when their GPS steers them through the only red town in the county.

Development: Brunch Theatre at the Nuyorican (pictured, featuring Kaela ShawViviana Vargas, and Sharaya Rutherford. Photos by Manuel Alvarado)